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We have MOU for providing upfront service in solar renewable energy sector with core solar enterprises which is involved in complete solution of solar industry.
We have solar product warehouse in Rajsamand, Udaipur and Jaipur for smooth and quick operation to minimize the customer’s risk.

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Our services in renewable energy sector


Whenever the sun shines (and even in overcast weather), the solar cells generate electricity. The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity, which can then be used by the building loads.

  • The sun shines on the solar panels generating DC electricity
  • The DC electricity is fed into a solar inverter that converts it to AC electricity.
  • The AC electricity is used to power appliances in your building.
  • Surplus electricity is fed back into the main grid.

Off Grid Solar System

An off-grid system is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be designed appropriately so that they will generate enough power throughout the year and have enough battery capacity to meet the home’s requirements, even in the depths of winter when there is generally much less sunlight.

The high cost of batteries and off-grid inverters means off-grid systems are much more expensive than on-grid systems and so are usually only needed in more remote areas that are far from the electricity grid. However battery costs are reducing rapidly, so there is now a growing market for off-grid solar battery systems even in cities and towns.

Advantage: No dependency on government electricity power

Drawback: Expensive than on-grid solar power system